About Us

Vimaxo works with believes that healthy living is somewhat necessary for a happy lifestyle. We are focused to enhance your overall health with natural herbs, and remedies. These Vimaxo products get you a better and longer life.

Natural Ingredients

We use premium, safe, and natural ingredients to get maximum manufacturing results.

FSSAI Registered

We believe in Make In India products, and our medics are approved by FSSAI and GMP approved.

Happy Customers

We have gained thousands of testimonials from happy customers across the nation.

Vimaxo is an herbal and herbal supplement company, created with the sole purpose of unlocking hidden benefits of nature. It provides everyday goodness and wellness to people across the nation.

We have the living proof of everything we say about our products. The countless number of happy and healthy customers is film believers of Vixamo products and often advocates of natural healing.


We live in a society where people have many types of addictions. They end up consuming pills, having chemical treatments with no belief at all. In the end, they get chronic diseases, aches, pains, and many other unexplainable ailments that have no treatment in modern medicine.

Vimaxo supplement lines are our way of unveiling the benefits of natural ingredients. It supports them in their journey to health and wellness.


Vimaxo supplements are the gold standard of Nutrition Supplement manufacturer established in the market for years. We have managed to work with the extensive research team to bring ground-breaking, effective, and safe natural products.

The company aims to make people’s lives healthy with wellness products. It is to inform you that all our supplements are manufactured using 100 percent natural ingredients in certified FSSAI-approved labs in India.

In the end, we all thank you our big family, the loyal and supporting customers of Vimaxo. Customers are the reason we stand in the market and created such goodwill.

Thank you for trusting our dietary supplements.